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5 Causes Of Infertility In Men

Oct 28, 2021 | 0 comments

The only indication of male infertility is the inability to impregnate a woman. Men have always been proud of their virility and rarely go to the fertility clinic to check for checkups. The sad fact is that 30% of infertility between couples in the United States comes from men. Let’s find out the top five causes of infertility in men.

Varicocele is an augmentation of the vein or stratum that is located inside the skin of the testicles. This vein is in the same family as the varicose vein found in a human’s leg. A Varicocele is known to reduce the production of spermands and lessen the quality of the sperm, which can lead to fertility problems in men.

There are no symptoms for varicocele, but in the long run, the veins may enlarge. It often appears like a “bag of worms,” and a varicocele mainly occurs on the left testicle. The good news is surgery can remove the varicoceles. But there is no one hundred percent guarantee that the surgery will cure infertility.

Klinefelter Syndrome
Klinefelter syndrome is a common cause of male infertility. One out of five hundred to a thousand male newborn babies are affected by this chromosomal defect. There is no symptom for this disorder, but men with Klinefelter syndrome have smaller testes. Subsequently, this leads to the reduced production of sperm and testosterone.

Men with this disorder have 47 X chromosomes instead of 46 only. The extra chromosome negatively impacts the sexual growth of males before birth and while they go through puberty. In addition, the low testosterone production due to the Klinefelter syndrome causes infertility in men, but the condition may improve with the proper treatment.

Infections are a regular occurrence in every person in the world. However, when infection involves testicles, then there is a considerable risk of male infertility. In addition, infections like inflammation of the epididymitis or orchitis, also commonly known as testicles, lead to infertility and sexually transmitted infections.

Male infertility problems can stem from infections that can scar the pathway of sperm, reduce sperm production, and jeopardize sperm health. Many conditions can indeed cause irreversible testicular damage, but some sperm are still retrievable through advancement in science and technology. Additionally, if the sperm is viable, you can use it for an IVF to create an embryo.

Hormone Imbalance
Men are also susceptible to a hormonal imbalance, one of the most common causes of infertility, and it leads to male hypogonadism or less testosterone. The disorder in the male testicles is often caused by extreme stress, diabetes, hyperglycemia, underactive thyroid, hypoglycemia, and pituitary tumors. The good thing is, men with hormone imbalance can help remedy this disorder by transitioning into a healthier lifestyle. But of course, it is best to consult a doctor for a thorough process.

Out of the common causes of male infertility, hormone imbalance is the easiest to treat. Many men who had this disorder could procreate either naturally or through Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).

Hot Testicular Temperature
Unlike the female genitalia, the male testicles hang outside the body in a scrotal sac. The male balls are designed to tolerate low temperatures, and they cannot stand a hot climate. Thus, when you expose them to temperatures above 3 degrees centigrade, then the quality of the sperm is greatly affected. With hot testicular temperatures, the overall functionality of the sperm is compromised.

High temperatures in the testicles usually happen when men work in a setting where the weather is regularly hot. Tight underwear can also cause a rise in testicular temperature, which could jeopardize sperm production. Additionally, males who practice using their laptops on top of their laps can easily damage their sperm quality. The best way to prevent having sperm problems caused by hot temperatures is to wear thermal underwear. So no matter how hot the climate is, the testicles will stay cool. Men who neglect to pay attention to their testicles could experience infertility.

Bottom Line
Infertility in men can be crippling for a couple, but it does not need to destroy a marriage. Thanks to The Guidance Agency, you can have strong support during your most stressful moments. When you are ready to grow your family, we can help you navigate these issues to achieve the common goal.


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