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7 Factors To Consider Before Choosing Surrogacy

Nov 18, 2021 | 0 comments

Being able to grow a family is the dream of many couples. In the modern era, it’s good to know that aside from the traditional means of raising your family, there are also alternatives, such as surrogacy. Thanks to gestational surrogacy, couples with infertility issues and same-sex couples now get a chance to have a child. However, before you decide to embark on this journey, let’s check the essential factors of surrogacy.

1. Financial Aspect
Surrogacy costs a considerable amount of money. So it is crucial to have an excellent financial plan if you choose to go down this road. If you can handle the financial aspect of surrogacy, then you still need to consider the post-partum expenses a child will incur. Keep in mind that it’s not cheap to sustain a child’s life, especially if you plan to give your child the best life.

2. Emotional Preparedness
Even if you desire to have a child through surrogacy, you need to check if you are indeed emotionally ready for this task. Remember that raising a child is a lifetime commitment. Are you prepared for this kind of responsibility? Can you indeed handle being a parent, and are you emotionally stable enough to pamper, love, and care for a child of your own? You need to be honest with yourself at this stage because answering these questions will determine if you follow through with surrogacy.

3. Surrogacy Agency
It’s easier to go for surrogacy when you have an agency to handle all the details and processes for you. However, not all surrogacy agencies are top-notch in quality. Find the best agency that is known for superior efficiency in the surrogacy matching process. Most importantly, opt for an agency that has high ratings from their clients. In choosing an agency for your surrogacy journey, consider their reputation, success stories, and resources before signing a contract with them. Choosing the right agency is the key to finding the best surrogate carrier.

4. Surrogate Carrier
One of the most crucial factors to consider in surrogacy is the carrier. You need to choose a surrogate who is healthy, responsible, and reliable. After all, she would be carrying your baby for nine months. Therefore, it’s essential to find a surrogate with a good background. In addition, your chosen surrogate must be someone who truly cares for helping couples grow their families. Thankfully, an exceptional surrogacy agency can ensure that you’re matched with the best carrier.

5. Biological Aspect
In surrogacy, the carrier can either carry a baby biologically related to her and the intended father or have an embryo that is not biologically related to her. As the intended parents, you need to decide the biological aspect of surrogacy. For example, do you prefer to use your eggs and the sperm of your partner, or would you opt for an egg or sperm donation?

6. Impact On Family
Do you already have children but still want to go for surrogacy to grow your family more? If so, then you need to consider the impact of your choice on your whole family. Think about the kids you have and what they would feel to have a new sibling. Next, consider the emotions of your spouse – are they onboard with using a surrogate? Is this a joint decision between the both of you? You need to ensure it’s a unanimous decision as you will both need to cater to the child.

7. Home Stability
Before you decide to bring a child into this world, consider the stability of your home. Are you happy living with your partner, and is your house full of love, commitment, and loyalty? Home stability plays a huge role in the emotional and spiritual growth of your child. So ensure that you can provide the needed stability to a new family member before you opt for surrogacy.

Growing your family
Surrogacy is undoubtedly the ideal choice if you have a strong desire to have a child but couldn’t do so in the traditional manner. When you’re ready to engage in surrogacy, The Guidance Agency is here to assist you throughout the whole process.

We understand the importance of finding the best surrogate carrier. And we have all the tools and resources to match you with the most suitable carrier. So contact us today and allow us to guide you on your adventure of parenthood.


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