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Everything you need to know about surrogacy for international parents

Apr 13, 2020 | 0 comments

We are an international friendly surrogate and donor agency. Surrogacy and egg donation in the U.S. is a common option for families abroad. The process is no different than it is for any other intended parent and you will complete all of the same steps. You will have the same rights and choices throughout your journey and the entire process. Our inclusive services are the same for all individuals.

Our surrogates and egg donors reside throughout the U.S. and they are available to travel anywhere within the U.S. to complete a cycle with your doctor.

We can address your specific questions about finding an egg donor and gestational carrier. For surrogacy, establishing legal parental rights for your child varies by state. We will guide you through potential surrogate matches that have smooth legal processes.

Our international intended parent(s) do not have a longer wait time to match than any other individual. Almost every surrogate accepted into our program is available to help your family and every donor is available to match with international families. We take pride in facilitating like-minded and loving matches. Our surrogate profiles include detailed questionnaires to capture a surrogate’s whole self. Intended parent and surrogate profiles are shared privately prior to video meetings. We are happy to work with translators or your local agency to aide in communication. Your coordinator will help you navigate the matching process and provide recommendations for your perfect match.




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