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Fact or Fiction? Top 3 Myths About Surrogacy Debunked

Jan 10, 2022 | 0 comments

The first successful pregnancy took place in 1978, less than 50 years ago.
Although gaining in popularity, this alternative pregnancy still leaves many confused. Misinformation, or quick judgment from the general public, often gives this process a bad reputation. Word of mouth, or lack of familiarity with this concept, does more damage than good. The fact of the matter is that surrogacy is a chance for many intended parents to live out their dreams. For whatever reason, it might be, whether infertility or personal choices, this is a viable option with proven success to welcome parenthood. 

Individuals who decide to explore this option may already deal with emotional stress due to the inability to conceive. Their fight to find a solution to this problem should be celebrated, not shamed.
Today, we are here to debunk the top 3 misconceptions about surrogacy to change this perspective. Let’s get started, shall we?

Myth #1: Surrogates Are In It For The Money

Yes, becoming a surrogate can be financially rewarding. If money is the only motivation, surrogacy might not be the best fit.
It’s easy to focus on the reward – most get paid upwards of $25,000. It’s also understandable why this myth exists in the first place. At first glance, it looks like a get-rich-quick scheme, but in reality, we are talking about putting your health at risk for nine months to carry a baby. Pregnancy is not easy! Ask any mother that has given birth. 

While the financial component is not neglectable, women become surrogates for many reasons. Some have a close friend or family member who needs their help. Others enjoy being pregnant but have a family of their own. Some do it out of the most selfless act there is: making someone’s dream life come true. 

Myth #2: Women Choose It To Avoid Giving Birth Or Messing Up Their Bodies

When Kim Kardashian decided to have a surrogate, the consensus was that she didn’t want to gain weight again, as she did when she had her first daughter. In reality, she was open about her condition, called placenta accreata, where the placenta grows too deeply into the uterine wall. The fact is, most people who decide to start their surrogacy journey are heterosexual couples facing infertility or same-sex couples who desire to have a biological child. Having kids is the most basic decision that humans make. Whether someone wants to or not, they should not be criticized for exploring alternative methods. 

Myth #3: The Surrogate Will Want To Keep The Baby

The screening process gestational carriers go through is extensive. When they apply as candidates, they fill out a questionnaire, along with a background and medical history check. To make sure they are mentally and physically fit to go through the pregnancy, they meet with a counselor to assess any concerns. After matching with the intended parents, both sides fill out legal documents before the process begins. 

A woman who desires to be a surrogate fully understands the responsibilities behind the process – from beginning to end. She understands that it is not her baby. Gestational carriers also look forward to witnessing the first few moments of parenthood. They are satisfied when the journey comes to a successful conclusion. 

We are here for you

Here at Guidance, we believe that parenthood is for everyone. We welcome everyone from all walks of life. Our team is not here to judge. We offer support to anyone who comes to us.
We believe that this kind of work takes a lot of understanding and compassion. We have been there ourselves and hold this statement to heart. It’s not always an easy road to take, but we promise we will be right by your side through every bump in the road. We aim to educate and create a community of like-minded people that have one goal in mind: supporting each other. 


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