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Why Donate Eggs?

Dec 15, 2020 | 0 comments

I remember learning about egg donation for the first time– the curiosity and trepidation from wondering how someone could put their body through such an arduous process, the fascination with the science that lead medicine to this point, the awe at those brave enough to go through it (both donors and parents!). I wanted to understand how, in some cases, a complete stranger could sacrifice their time and body to offer the gift of life… for someone else.

It’s been many years since my personal discovery of egg donation services; after a lot of research and hearing several first-hand accounts, all that can be said is that ANY reason is a good reason. If you are considering being a donor, you may feel hesitant due to the judgment that may come from other people for your choice. However, if you want to assuage your (very common and understandable) wariness, you can read on to see some of the most popular reasons to donate your eggs. Below are accounts collected from real people– people like you– who took the plunge and put their reservations aside to change a family’s life forever.

First thing’s first– money. There is no shame in pursuing egg donation because of the financial benefits! For many, the money received after donating could completely turn their life around. You deserve to have the things you want in life, and donation compensation is a viable and valid option to help achieve your goals.

Pay for school

For many, reaching the next stage of their education would be a lifetime milestone. Not only is it a huge accomplishment in and of itself, but higher education is also correlated to higher wages over a lifetime. Unfortunately, for many, education does not come cheaply or easily. The funds received from egg donation are substantial enough to put a huge dent in (or completely erase) tuition fees and materials. Some say the best gift you can give yourself is a good education; egg donation can help.

Pay off debt

Debt sucks, plain and simple. There’s a feeling of dread hanging over your head at all times– a persistent feeling of being trapped, guilty, and ashamed. The average amount of debt per person in the USA is $50,000; what would you give to completely pay off the balance of an entire credit card? Or to stop the angry phone calls? Egg donation has helped many find relief from debt, given them better credit, and helped them live a more stress-free life.

Pay for something special 

Many of the things we want cost money, and a lot of it (rude!). A new car, designer purse, or the wedding of your dreams will set you back thousands upon thousands of dollars– an amount most of us can’t afford to spend willy-nilly. If you are willing to put in the time and work, egg donation can help you get the cash needed for something very special, for you or someone you love. Engagement ring? Family Vacation? Down-payment on a house? All within reach!

Pay for something unexpected 

Say you don’t like to spend your money; you prefer to keep it stored away in savings or a rainy-day fund. Perhaps you’re used to living paycheck to paycheck, and the idea of frivolously spending your money on something pleasant (but trivial) makes you sweat. An egg donation could help get you get back on track and place a safety net beneath you. You’ll have something to fall back on in case of an emergency, like a roommate bailing on rent or surprise medical expenses. Imagine the relief of not being set back because of a car accident or vet bill ever again!

Of course, money is  nice… but it’s usually not enough to encourage you to put your body through anything too tough. For many, the truest reasoning for their egg donation comes from a place of love, empathy, respect, and community. Although compensation is a great motivator, many of those who donate their eggs report lifetime-lasting feelings of happiness and pride for their time and effort. Below are some examples of what may be the heaviest driving force behind donation: philanthropy.

Commitment to help

For some donors, it really is that simple– they see someone in need and want to help however they can. Infertility is heartbreaking, both to experience and to behold. Some feel that if they can help ease that burden with the hope of welcoming a new life to a blossoming family, the money that comes with it is just a small added bonus to the ultimate act of sacrifice and empathy for your fellow human being. Almost all egg donors report feeling proud, resilient, and that they had done good in the world after the retrieval process.        

It is WORK

Many people judge egg donation because they see it as “quick and easy money”, and they couldn’t be more wrong. The medications can be uncomfortable, the process takes a bit, and taking care of your body becomes your literal job. You work hard to provide the best you can offer to the family you are helping, and that deserves fair compensation. Anyone who criticizes egg donors for being “lazy” should examine themselves and ask, do you think the same of construction workers, who use their labor to build our homes? Or emergency service workers, who spend their time and energy keeping us safe and helping us survive? Your body and energy is creating a miracle for someone; that’s hard work you can be proud of!

Friends or family struggle with infertility

If you’ve seen a friend or family go through the grief of infertility or the loss of a miscarriage, you’ve seen first-hand how devastating the struggle can be. Even more powerful than the drive to earn money or do good is the urge to help and protect those we love. Many egg donors volunteer for the ones they care about– their best friend, their sister, their life partners… There is perhaps no greater gift to a cherished one than to be with them on the road for their journey to a complete family.

They appreciate their own family and want to share

Lots of people donate their eggs before they’ve gotten pregnant, but many who give were parents beforehand! Many donors report feeling that they want to “give back” the chance to raise a baby because their own experience was so rewarding. Even if your own family is complete, you can still help someone who wasn’t as lucky.

They are natural givers 

It is no surprise to learn that many egg donors also often donate blood, donate financially to charities, work in care professions, enjoy volunteer work, and are on the organ donor list. Helping others comes easily to some, and egg donation is one of many ways to give back to the world.

Support and community

You may be surprised how much support is available for egg donors– it’s a pretty great group to be a part of! From Facebook to Instagram, discussion boards to real-life support groups, there are so many ways to connect and give or receive words of wisdom and support. Many find life-long friends from the donation process and enjoy contributing to their community in a way that is gratifying and unique.


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